Washing and ironing sheets in the shelter.
Ironing and washing large quantities of sheets. You will find out in a moment how economically have washing powder, or where to look for savings leading hotel. This can be practiced in many ways. Anyway, our bedding must be made of durable materials. Thanks to repeated washing does not make big damage. But that’s like the story, the women prały their laundry in the river.

Female feathers in the river – the old historical photo
Wash in the river is history – today bedding can be washed automatically


Another practical tips on running a hotel, later in this guide.
Tips on how to dry linen and fabrics in the hotel:

Is shortening the drying fabrics used in hotels brings tangible economic benefits? It is worth briefly look into this problem. Perhaps avoiding drying dry cleaners we run the additional costs of heating the kiln hotel. The room in which we intend to dry our bedding should be fine sunny. Thanks to avoid excess moisture, which will speed up drying.

Large windows in the room, which can be used as a drying Hotel
Good sun exposure accelerates the drying of laundered fabrics

Savings in maintaining materials and fabrics, as well as curtains and towels:
The plain fact is to have the rooms clean, elegant towels. It seems that the best solution is to simply purchase more of them. They are not so expensive fabrics can be used as a disposable item. An additional advantage is that the guest can take a towel with you as a souvenir of your stay. Curtains and drapes are best washed separately. Wash the combination can cause discoloration of the curtains. To use the hotel laundry starch curtains or a mild detergent, which will give them an elegant look.